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DeWayne Peevy Releases Statement Regarding Reports that Kentucky Players didn’t Shake Hands

Photo by Keyli Chisesi (Go Big Blue Country)


There was some false news flying around after last nights game and early this morning that the Kentucky players failed to shake hands with the Kansas State team. While K-State players say Kentucky players walked away from them, the following image and tweet shows the truth.


DeWayne Peevy, the UK Director of Athletics, tweeted the following, which shows Kentucky in line to shake the K-State coaching staffs hands while the players were off celebrating.


I was sitting on the end of the K-State bench and immediately following the final horn, players began to move towards the K-State fans to celebrate.


Kansas State junior guard Amaad Wainright and Levi Stockard had plenty to say about not shaking hands.


Kentucky’s John Calipari: ‘No disrespect’ for lack of handshakes

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