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Roman Harper wants a thank you note for giving Kentucky motivation

Keidron Smith

Kentucky defensive back Keidron Smith was a guest Tuesday night on SEC Now to discuss the Wildcat’s 26-16 win vs. Florida in the Swamp.

Smith got the opportunity to talk to Roman Harper of the SEC Network, who called Kentucky soft after their win vs. Miami (Ohio), saying Florida would be the outright winner in the Week 2 matchup.

Smith made sure to let Harper know about it during the interview.

“We have respect for ourselves,” Smith said. “We knew we could go in there and get a win. We weren’t trying to prove anybody wrong. Our mindset was to come in there and be a hard-fought team. We got called soft earlier in the week so we had a little extra motivation about that but we came in there in the Swamp. We had a little adversity, but we battled out, stayed together as a team, and came out with a win.”

“Keidron, you guys got called soft?” Harper said. “What? Did I hear that correctly?”

“Yeah, we got called soft. I don’t know who said it,” Smith replied.

Harper accepted that he was the one that gave Kentucky the added motivation and asked Smith if the team was going to send him a thank you note for providing the extra motivation to get the win.

“Clearly, Keidron, it was myself and I want to say, number one, are you guys going to send me a thank you note and pay me for being the juice for this win that helped you guys put you all over down in Florida?”

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