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Tyler Herro Laughs at his Top 15 Ranking for Wisconsin Players in the Last 15 Years

Photo: USA Basketball


Kentucky fans are going to love the confidence of UK signee Tyler Herro and he doesn’t care to let people know about it.


Herro, a 6-foot-5 guard from Whitnall High School, had a confidence and swagger about him all season, especially after being snubbed from a selection to the McDonalds All-American game. Herro used criticism as motivation after the animosity from Wisconsin fans reached an all-time high when he de-committed from the Badgers in October.


Herro has been quick to silence the haters but this story is funny. Mark Miller of is releasing his top 15 players of the WSN Era which began in 2003. Miller selected Herro as the ninth best player of that era which appears to have amused the UK signee.


Herro quote tweeted the tweet by posting the laughing/crying emoji. I doubt Herro clicked the link and the way it is worded makes it sound like Herro is the No. 9 player in Wisconsin at the moment. Still, you have to love the confidence that Herro has in his game and he honestly might feel like he should be higher on that list.


Kentucky fans are going to love this kid because he never thinks any moment is bigger than him and he knows how to use criticism as motivation, something that will help him with the grind of playing in Lexington. The hateful and rude comments he receives on a daily basis reaches another level. If you don’t believe me, look at the replies to Herro below.


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