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Wildcats Win in an Ugly Outing Versus Bellarmine

Kentucky basketball
Photo Credit of UK Athletics

Kentucky played at home Tuesday night against Bellarmine, a game in which the Cats were favored by 25 points. The offense was not there tonight, as the Cats struggled for the first 30 minutes to put any offense together. In the first half, the Cats shot 9-30 from the field, and 2-11 from 3 point land, and turned the ball over nine times.

Bellarmine’s defense, which ranks near the top in limiting opponent possessions, was stifling the Cats in the halfcourt and forcing them to slow down. The Cats only managed one fastbreak point in the first half, and finished the half tied at only 21 points. The first ten minutes of the second half were much of the same, as the Cats still could not get any momentum going, trailing by four at times and eventually tying the game up at 32.

Near the halfway point of the second half, the Wildcats found their groove, led by a CJ Fredrick barrage. After several shots went down in a flash, the Cats quickly jumped out to a double digit lead and did not look back. In the second half, the Cats shot 46 percent from three point territory, and 57 percent from the field in total. Better yet, they finished with only four turnovers in the second half.

The Cats won with a final score of 60-41, with the 19 point margin feeling like a miracle for those that got to watch the game. Fire starter CJ Fredrick finished with an important 11 points, while fellow sharpshooter finished with a blazing 18 points on 7-15 shooting.

Kentucky will travel across the pond Sunday to face the Michigan Wolverines at 1 PM. It is obvious that the Cats need to find a source of offense, especially in halfcourt sets, or the team will continue to struggle. The Wildcats will look for a feel-good win to help soothe the anxiety the fanbase feels at this moment.

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