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Podcast: Jeff Goodman Talks Kentucky, SEC, and NCAA Tournaments

ESPN’s Jeff Goodman joined me on the podcast Monday morning to talk about Kentucky basketball, the SEC tournament, and next weeks NCAA tournament. The audio player for the episode is at the bottom of the page.

One moment that stands out is my question of which SEC team has the best chance to advance in the tournament. The question made Goodman think a few moments but he responded with the following.


“I still think Calipari has more talent than anybody else in the league overall and they are younger. I think if they can get on a roll to get their confidence going and start to feel good about themselves, they’ve got a chance as long as those two guards (Quade and Shai) play well.”

Topics Discussed:


Where this Kentucky team is entering postseason play.


Other than youth, the biggest reason for struggles this season.


John Calipari doesn’t like conference tournaments.


What Kentucky needs to focus on in St. Louis.


Improvement of the SEC


Which SEC team has the best chance to advance in March.


How many players will UK lose to the draft.


You can listen to the episode with the audio player below. You can click play in browser or you can listen on SoundCloud. If you listen in your browser, be sure to leave your phone unlocked so it doesn’t shut you out. The easiest way is to subscribe to the Go Big Blue Country Podcast on iTunes for free. Be sure to subscribe and leave a review.

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