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Jeff Goodman: “I would take Shaedon Sharpe over Zion in college”

Shaedon Sharpe

Someone would take Shaedon Sharpe over Zion Williamson in college?

Yes, Jeff Goodman of Stadium predicts the UK commit to be that good.

Sharpe, the consensus No. 1 player in the 2022 class, committed to Kentucky earlier this month.

On The Field of 68 Podcast, Rob Dauster asked Goodman, “Is there anybody in this class you would take over a Zion Williamson?”

“Shaedon Sharpe,” replied Goodman. “Shaedon Sharpe in college, I might, I might. The whole thing with Zion, maybe not. The whole thing.”

Dauster replied, “Wait, you would take Shaedon Sharpe in college over Zion Williamson? I want you on the record on this.”

“I freaking love Shaedon Sharpe,” Goodman said. “I love him. You know what he is? Here’s what he is that Zion wasn’t: He can score at all three levels. He can shoot it from deep, he can get to the basket, he can dunk over you. Zion could dunk over you, but he couldn’t shoot the ball. And he was hurt. He was a marketing superstar and a highlight freak, all that.

“But Shaedon Sharpe, I freaking love this kid. I love him. You’ve got me on the record, and I’m not gonna back down from it. I freaking love Shaedon Sharpe.”

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