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Josh Pate Apologizes to Mark Stoops, Kentucky for Picking Florida

Kentucky football

It’s not secret that Florida was the pick to win last Saturday’s matchup with Kentucky in the Swamp, especially with the national media.

Josh Pate, the host of The Late Kick, regretted picking against Mark Stoops and Kentucky.

Pate held up a handmade sign apologizing to Stoops and Kentucky for picking Florida to beat them.

“I doubted Mark Stoops, I doubted Kentucky, and I’ve got to apologize to them,” Pate said.

“I apologize to Mark Stoops. I doubted his program, I doubted the team’s ability to go in here [to beat Florida]. I thought if they did, it would require some things to go their way. Now, in fairness, some things did go their way but that’s called football, that’s why we watch the games, that’s why we play them.

“Kentucky fans have been very mouthy in my mentions but they should be. I haven’t snapped back at a single one of you because you’re right. You went in there like you seemingly do every year, and you beat Florida, and you may very well be in control for that number two spot in the East and you’ve got Georgia coming to your building way late in the year, and we will just see how that turns out.”

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